Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Leading Edge

With the absense of a sooper dooper, flagship laptop to replace the non Haswell  Google Pixel,  and the non announcement of the Google Nexus 5 phone my mind has idly been wandering to the darkest corner of Retail spaces

/The land of the Apple Macbook Pro/

So far I have resisted to temptation to order, because


They are flipping expensive! [1840 to 2400 GBP]

Sourcing Difficulties
Not the greatest of issues for laptops, but for phones  Apple has a phased sales release cycle that means our home country of Switzerland is never first, and usually close to last.

A /bleeding edge/ friend flew to England to buy his iPhone 5S, it's not yet available here.

Unknown Quantities
Buying now means buying on faith.   Full benchmarks of the new laptops have not conclusively landed yet.

How fast is the speed bump from early 2013 to late 2103 products?

By how much did the battery life improve?

PCIe disks are how much faster?

Teething troubles

Though companies strive to test their products prior to launch, true volume testing cannot be performed these days except by the general public.  More users == more testing.

So as usual it comes down to this.

  • Being Apple leading edge requires you to have a lot of money.
  • It's also helpful if you are in the demographic that simply has to advertise your new wares to your friends.
  • The stuff you buy might go wrong because it is not fully consumer volume tested
  • The price will never go up, only down.  You literally pay a premium to be first

So, no purchase just yet.  Still thinking, and fantasying that Google might do something!