Sunday, October 27, 2013

Lausanne Marathon 2013

(Direct Link Marcus Diary Report HD)

Excuses can only absolve a runner for his or her bad performance so many times.  And so how was our performance in today's Lausanne Marathon?

Marcus and Agata try to participate in the Lausanne Marathon yearly.  It's our /current/ home town  and we feel not just an obligation, but more of a proud and pleasurable duty to participate.

The early call to the bedroom was interrupted at 01.30 due to a Mosquito, after which Marcus was seen to be up /surfing/ for an hour or two.  Nevertheless  we rose at 07.30 for the 10.10 start with a positive sleep balance for a change.

Marcus Race Report
Overall a wonderful time!

The start at 10.10  was very rainy.   In a moment of what transpired to be stupidity I thought I'd put on my rain jacket.   It has a hood and I use it frequently on the Half marathon to work in inclement conditions.

Trouble is, this is a race, and so having started with this jacket I soon overheated.  So I had a jacket off pitstop and then followed the race plan which was to follow the 03.15 balloon man.

This worked until about Km 15.  He was just too fast for me.  On the hills I gained but on the flats he started to edge away.  Having let him go I was then concerned the 03.30 balloon man would catch me.

As 21Km half distance got close I didn't bump into our friend Ingrid at Rivaz where I had hoped to dump off that jacket.   But in Vevey I did recognise a face and Laurent graciously said he take my jacket and buff.

After that load lightening I felt sure I could speed up.  What worked in practise was stopping my eating of Gu Chomps.  Why? Well again on my morning plod runs I'm not breaking a sweat, but here I need more oxygen, and if you are sucking a Chomp for 5Km (each chomp) you can't breathe through your mouth.

So at about Km 24 I ditched my bag of chomps and resolved to eat the Energy bars from the Water Stops.   Water stops were not as advertised  (I'm sure the brochure talked about 12 water stops), still there were enough.

The course was complete with many people in costume. Some good examples:

From Km 34 I started counting down, especially when I realised that the marathon is only 42Km in distance and not 44Km as I keep thinking. [Will I ever learn :=) ]

And then at just under 3.5 hours it was all over.  Not especially tired but I could not seem to run any faster.  Weird indeed.

I might have been tired but I see I was in good company

After finishing I made a quick change of clothes 

at the bag drop then sprinted back to find

my wonderful happy and smiling wife Agata.  It does not get any better than that.

Marcus Diary Report HD
Lausanne Marathon Brochure

Marcus 03:27,  Agata 03:54

Marcus drank almost nothing, about 200 ml PowerAde
Marcus Ate 3 Gels (SIS, PowerGel Hydro) + and 2  Chomps
Agata ate 4 Gels 2xSIS + PowerGel Hydro + Squeezy

Marcus got a blister.  Annoying! Effectively I can't run Monday then :-(


We drove home.  Ungrateful kitty was waiting.  He looked at me as if to say:  I'm so glad you are back,  this car bonnet has gone cold