Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Unliking somebody is a difficult task for me. Once I have invested my time and appreciation in a personal relationship or in this case towards a film star it is difficult to undo.   In this respect I'm talking about Sandra Bullock.

Quirky, naive,  sometimes clumsy roles have provided a sound foundation for me to believe she has it. Charisma.

With an innocent charm which immediately says to most people, YES  we want to like you.

And so when film, after recent film brings us  mediocre acting,  corny and predictable plots, we just sit back and think, one day you will redeem yourself.

All about Steve (oh dear)

Premonition  (unconvincing)

(The Heat - Oh dear)

Perhaps in this latest Science Fiction setup that time has come again.   At last we may openly announce our appreciation for Sandra Bullock once more without ridicule.

Gravity was released in the USA at the end of August 2013,  came to the UK via the London film festival on October 10 and just landed in Switzerland yesterday.

Well that is my theory anyway :-)

Sandra Bullock IMDB
John Meyer and Keith - Gravity