Monday, October 07, 2013

Going for a Swim

Just to remind everybody that Lausanne is host to the headquarters of the IOC (International Olympic Committee) and correspondingly health and well being are interwoven into the fabric of our town.

This weekend  we were pleased to support our towns yearly 24 hour swimming event

Lausanne Natation 24

First let me sadly comment that on or about September 8th our top two local outdoor 50metre pools (with lake access 1Km buoy loop)  close.

Pully pool closes - but it is heated so why?
Lausanne pool - every year they talk about installing heating, but in the 7 month in the year closure never have the time to install it!

Back to the Natation 24 which is held in Mon Repos, 25 metre pool.

We visited Saturday October 5th, 18.00.    So many people! Pool bursting, we just can't face swimming in a close lane with >8 people!  Abort mission till later.

Return at 01.30, Sunday October 6th.

First the good news.  Our favourite Sports helper Medalit (see programme 22.00+)  is the official DJ for the evening. Fantastic.

Bad news: Pool is still overcrowded!  But we cannot wait any longer.  Time to suit up, shower down and enter the water!

How did it go?

  • This year we were thankfully in one of two lanes with swimmers swimming crawl.  (Last year we were in the breast stroke lane)
  • Most of the swimmers were youngsters swimming very fast, though they kept stopping for breaks.
  • There was this one guy swimming breast stroke slowly. He never stopped to let you pass at  end of lane. Marcus had to overtake him about every 7 lengths.  Annoying!
  • Apart from that the rest of the swimmers in our lane were courteous, young and very fast.   We appreciate their good nature and good swimsense.
  • Marcus took some freshly squeezed orange juice and energy bars as noms
  • Both Marcus and Agata used Finis SwimMP3 players to listen to our favourite music throughout.

    This makes long distance swimming a real pleasure!
  • Perhaps due to increased body fat :-(  Marcus did not get cold in his 2 and a bit hours of swimming

So all in all we had a fantastic time.   A good bit of exercise, in our local pool, with good natured swimmers, great poolside music  (thanks Medalit :-).  Don't forget this is a free to enter event, supported for the most part by volunteers  who work hard to let us have our fun filled exercise.  Marvellous.

Agata swam 4.3Km, Marcus 6.1Km

 2014 Programme


Natation 24