Sunday, October 20, 2013

Finally insync with Google Drive

Insync is a low cost (from 10 USD one off)   Google Drive Client for Windows/Mac/Linux  that I have been testing for the last 2 months to replace the free client available from Google.

Why use Insync?

Well, it rather breaks my heart, but the free Google Client that I have tried for Microsoft Windows suffers from a major limitation

It does not [always] work

Now, don't just take my word for it, you can visit Google's Drive forum and see the many users who have had terminal difficulties.   In my case the Google Drive Client

  • Is unable to handle my client to cloud data mirroring with over 100GB data and over 400,00 files.  It simply crashes
  • On crashing sometimes the only recovery action is to delete the entire local drive repository and re download the entire drive from the cloud. This takes days
  • But also, there have been cases where a full re-upload was required.   That took weeks, and in the last case never completed
  • Critically I also found that some files on the PC local copy were missing from the cloud copy.  Inconsistency!

These are all fundamental flaws, but the Insync client instead seems thus far to be 100% reliable so I have to conclude this is a Google client only issue.

Back to Insync

  • You download the client and install it
  • Some basic configuration and then watch it upload your local archive to the cloud
  • In my case this meant first deleting the host copy of all files

  • Upload speed from Workstation to Cloud can exceed 10 Mega Bits per second easily  (though in metadata and for very small files the speed can be as low as 200 K bits per second)

      • Here is the popup from the icon in the Windows tray

      • You can choose what subset of directories to sync from local to Google drive cloud

      • Even in the presence of other substantial uploads Insync keeps going

      • Control of various startup options

      And now the killer feature:  Moving an existing google drive on a workstation without having to resync all files at host

      At first I made a copy of the files to a new drive then pointed Insync at the new place

      But that is not the way

      Whole 124GB move is completed in less than 1 hour.

      •  So instead, you just point to the new empty drive place and it just moves all the files.  Fantastic!

      • You can see Insync is multi threaded

      Insync has single handedly restored my faith in Google Drive, with a client that is able to cope with a client to cloud dataset size containing over 400,000 files and over 100 GB data.   Something the Google client could not do.

      I've tested it hard now for over 2 months without issue.

      To me the 10 USD one off cost for Plus and 10 USD yearly for Pro Version are a  price worth paying.

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