Friday, October 25, 2013

Better Quality Leaks Please

Less really is more it would seem as Apple as predicted launched a lighter and more expensive iPad, plus the also predicted Haswell processor refresh of its laptop range, together with a hugely overpriced, non expandable, underpowered server that looks like a black trash can.

But cynicism aside; Apple leaks were accurate and informative.  Apple not only know how to put on a good show and Annoucement even their leaks are top quality :-)

I'm afraid I cannot say the same about young Google.

(October 24, 19.00)

This turned out to be an internal event and nothing to do with announcements as was initially reported.

Most of the non Apple fanboy world has been expecting the

  • Google Nexus 5 Smartphone

  • Google Nexus 10 tablet, 2013 new edition
  • A slew of Haswell powered Chromebooks  (not the gleaming white outside, old inside - HP variety)

Initially the belief was an announcement in the week of October 14th, however it was rumoured that the debt ceiling games in the US Parliament put paid to that.

Then we were pointed to October 24th (false alarm), now others say October 28th.   Hmm.

Let us list Googly mistakes

  • Bad quality leaks, not quality/ accurate leaks like Apple
  • Press conference date moved - unprofessional !
  • Oct 24th Conference starts at 19.00 US time when Europe is in bed. [How Americanist]
  • You still didn't flippin launch the Nexus 5 phone, even though it WAS accidentally available on the PLAY store last week

I can't believe the Google leaks are so uninformed as compared to Apple.  Come on Google!  Do we all have to go and buy Apple just for you to get your act together?