Thursday, October 03, 2013

Apple iPod Shuffle Generation 4

A moment's carelessness rendered my iPod nano unavailable and I desperately needed a music player for the Warsaw marathon.

The lowest cost answer was to purchase an iPod Shuffle (generation 4) for the race.  I did not consider running without music ... come on!

This is what the buttons do

This is really all you need to know

How does it compare to the Generation 2 shuffle that Agata handed down to me  (but like my Nano was also unavailable on the day)

  • Generation 4 shuffle is a slim 12.5 grams whereas the larger generation 2 shuffle weighed 15.6 grams.
  • Unlike Generation 3 shuffle we are back to physical buttons and switches for major functions.  What a relief!  This means you can use regular headphones.
  • The 2GB capacity is enough for hundreds of songs and  the battery for 15 hours of music.  Enough for a marathon but short for a longer ultramarathon (so I could carry 2 devices for longer races?)
  • There is of course no display, a hallmark feature of the Shuffle.  So forget audiobooks IMHO.  You can program in playlists in iTunes, but really it's too much effort for a race
  • You can lock the buttons by holding down the play key
  • The integrated clip is perfect for attaching to your running trousers.  Of course it sets the player away from your sweaty clothing thereby keeping it dry.
  • In rainy conditions I'd recommend sealing it into a small plastic bag, duck taping the edge around the headphone cable to make it 100% rainproof.
On the Sunday Marathon the Shuffle performed flawlessly, music making the run an even greater pleasure than without.

Finally, in security conscious Poland where we still don't maintain a car stereo, we now have an excellent portable Shuffle gen4 powered beatbox.

To conclude: Apple iPod shuffle 4, recommended emergency music player.

iPod Shuffle gen4 manual