Friday, October 04, 2013

Another Splendid Time

For the beginning of October we have been taking some time out in Warsaw and Poland.  To paraphrase:

Hereunder begin the times that try men's souls

But let us not dwell on financial traumas to come but instead the more happy moments of our holiday:

Marcus and Agata ran the 35th Warsaw marathon.

Agata finished with a personal best time.  She's now a confirmed sub 4 hour marathoner (sans preparation).   Congratulations.

We have upgraded our juicing lifestyle

An emergency visit to Apple for music

Agata the wine expert  (No really, she is)

Marcus was drawn to Marks and Spencer.  But did not buy anything.  Existing clothes not worn out yet!

English is spreading.  Our favourite plums, now labelled in English.

No visit would be complete without a walk around and into the Palace of culture.

I am overjoyed to find the old Fiat Malutki as a polished stage prop in our local supermarket.

We exited TK Max with our heads spinning.  So many unorganised clothes.  Who has the time to look thru this lot?

In Decathlon I study many new clothes designs. But with too many tops already no further purchased are allowed.

But my ski socks finally wore out so I allowed myself some replacements at Decathlon.   Let's stay frugal.

All this week the Withings Pulse has been monitoring my activities.

The local gun shop seems to have a scary number of bullets in the front window.

The Tram network is still going strong

Everybody is getting the exercise bug, friends and family!

Other popular uses for yesterday forgotten heroes are for street advertising

As culture vultures of course we attended a book launch.

New Polish Excess

English classics come to Poland

Their is a subtle orchestrated heart-ing campaign in Lausanne

Rubbish on the streets of Lausanne, because some residents are lazy chavs.

Alternatively elsewhere event the stones are sorted into tidy boxes

 The pain of a crashed classic

When a printer costs less than half the price of a watch. 

This baby Fiat has come to Lausanne

For about 5000 CHF  (> 5000 USD) you can buy an electric bicycle.

Aldi is having an Axe sale.

I will just never get used to the Opening Hours here in Lausanne.