Monday, October 14, 2013

All Pumped Up

Recently due to punctures and the breakdown of my puncture repair kits, my cycling lifestyle has been annoyingly interrupted.

In general, Swiss roads are silky smooth and well kept, meaning your chance of a bicycle tyre puncture is low.

But three punctures in less than 3 months!  Come on.

What you see above is the typical puncture repair equipment.  On the right a minimalist adapter onto which you screw a CO2 cannister, then attach this to the newly fitted bicycle tube to inflate.

As CO2 ejects the cannister gets **really** cold, so in practice using the less minimalist CO2 pump shown on the left can be more practical, though heavier.

For reasons of paranoia I always carry at least 2 CO2 cannisters.

But on the last 2 attempts the CO2 solution did not work well and I notice this solution is over 100 grams in weight.

So in Decathlon Warsaw I picked up an astonishingly sub 40 gram, carbon fibre bodied pump.  I had thought of ordering the Lezyne Carbon Drive Pump, but the above was less than one third (30%!!) of the Lezyne price, so it was a calculated impulse buy.

And I just tested it to inflate a new Continental 50 gram tube. Gets to 100 psi without issue.

So it's back to old skool pumping and ditching of the higher tech CO2 pumps in my daily toolkit.

I am now 69 grams lighter. And I'll not need to buy those unenivonmental CO2 cartridges. Fancy that.