Tuesday, October 01, 2013

A Year OF

People often believe that without work their lives would be meaningless.  Indeed some people actively fear the loss of their employment for this rather than for financial reasons.

So, to put your minds at rest, here are 15 years worth of ideas.   You can spend a year on each, then, well repeat as many times as you like/can

A year:

  1. Travelling North America
  2. Working for a Charity
  3. Cycling across America
  4. Visit Friends Family, Long lost relations
  5. Looking after a friend
  6. Doing scientific research
  7. Running a marathon per week
  8. Working in a Service Industry: McDonalds, Tesco, Wallmart
  9. Visiting Trade Exhibitions
  10. Travelling Europe
  11. Travelling Asia
  12. Imbibing Films and Plays
  13. Working for the Post Office (we like parcels)
  14. Reading the Classics
  15. Of Academia, studying at University