Tuesday, October 15, 2013

02 Debt Ceiling

So currently there are now just 02 days to the American Debt ceiling limit.


Maybe Good

Back to Bad Again

The only certainty we have is that there is uncertainty

And a few other factual considerations

  • The stock market continues to rise, and rise, and rise. Apologies in advance for the profanity.  But google BTFATH
  • Just as with stocks   (which idiots are buying at these prices),   one also has to ask,  when [not if] the US raises it's debt ceiling ... which idiots really want to lend it more money?
  • Most financial planners will tell you.  Keep 20% of portfolio in Physical Gold. It is not an investment, it is merely an insurance policy.

Once more it is time to stop overthinking and retreat, today back to

Pink Floyd with a 4/4 Time Money Remix


Father Washington you are all mixed up