Tuesday, September 03, 2013

YingFa Swimming Trousers

On our 2012 Swimtrek Holiday we had the pleasure to meet a great number of proficient swimmers.

At least 2 colleagues were great fans of YingFa SharkSkin swimming trunks.

And so I eventually found the time to search eBay

A purchase to  shuke708 later I ordered  the above trousers

3 weeks later a packet arrived.   And I made a road test last weekend

  • Sizing: I ordered Xtra Large, and this represents Chinese sizing, since though a little plump I am not tall
  • The material is nicely stretchy and shows off any curves nicely. It dries quickly.
  • SharkSkin refers to the pattern on the trunks,  no sharks were molested, used or harmed in making this swimwear
  • The idea of the trunks is that they are full length and hence keep you a little warmer than shorts, protect you from the sun, and have a slippery surface to enable you to go fasssster.
  • To me, I felt like I was going about the same speed as usual, but I was definitely warmer.  I combined this with a skin tight surfboard rash vest and you can be completely covered (against the sun)  without having to put on a wetsuit
  • So this combination would be great (to me) for swimming above temperatures of 20 degrees C or for other water activities, like Stand Up Paddle, where a wet suit is a bit over the top.
  • Our local swimming pool does not allow swimwear below the knee so I can only use if for swimming outside, primarily in our local Lake Leman (Geneva)
So I give the YingFa trousers at a mere 35 USD (25 GBP)  a big thumbs up.