Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Who wants to live forever


Freddie Mercury day is usually a celebration each year on September 5th this being the birthday of the singer who would have been 67 today.

I suppose this is somewhat of a philosophical posting. Faced with death most people decide that their time is premature and wish to have an extension. 

[Absurdly, this is particularly true for religious people whose belief system dictates this world is but a transitory stop before an eternity spent in heaven]

And for those who look on upon the good, and the great [often 2 different categories of course]  we sometimes also conclude that their time on this earth was shorted more than we had hoped for.

So for Freddie a small collection of video footage that is now immortalised thanks to the Internet. 

For as long as that survives, the Immortality, the Immorality and also the Morality of the many are preserved forever.

This thing called love

Radio GAGA

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Freddie for a Day