Sunday, September 01, 2013

We Swam, Cycled and Ran in Vevey

Yes, Agata and Marcus are fresh back from a wonderfully relaxed Vevey Triathlon 2013.

Vevey and it's adjacent town Montreux are locally known as the Swiss Riviera,  and in keeping with that mantra  the weather today at the 08.30 triathlon start was dry, and just right.

We did have to get before 06 am this Sunday morning, to get there, but overall it was worth it

As you can see Marcus was wearing his fashionable long trousers, everybody else including Agata was more skimpily clad.   One day, they'll learn I tell myself :-)

Marcus Race Report

Well it was nice and easy!  The lake at Vevey was pretty calm and was only disturbed by the flurry of hands and legs poking me as I casually swam the 600 metre course.  I was not last.   I would catch them up on the Bike ...

On the Bike, up the hill to Chexbres I overtook at least 50 people.  Unfortunately with my 15 year old bicycle, and original brakes, plus my chicken attitude I don't think I exceeded 58Km/h downhill resulting in most people overtaking me back.

On the flat I held my own and was for a long time the wind break to a whole group of riders.

I finished with the 6Km run although I managed to run in the wrong direction twice.   But I can't blame the modest runtime on that.  By pootling around the course there was plenty of energy left for the run.   Good.

Post Triathlon report

The Cycle Home

We had enough energy to get home under pedal power and the money saved has been put towards the Sunday afternoon wine celebration fund.

Agata 01:46, Marcus 01:37

Vevey Triathlon Brochure