Monday, September 09, 2013

Tuesday Sermon:Taking it for Granted

I had the opportunity to watch a part of the Simon Pegg 2013 comedy called

The World's End

It comes with a few surprises and what message did I take away?

Don't take things for granted. For example

Your Family
Your Safety
Your Security
Your Freedom of Speech
Your Democratic Rights
Your Standard of Living

Even the minutia of life. For example  this evening YouTube was consistently down.   And though this is a classic First World Problem example, it reminds me how I begin to rely on a Free  (no cost to me), 24x7 video stream,  searchable and constantly updated with all the news, media and other content I can hope to watch in my short lifetime.

And, how annoying it is when it is down!   Which is when I fully appreciate how fantastic a free service it is, when it is up.

So what are the learning points?

Well, if this was a traditional Religious Sermon you could now be reminded of some of the worlds wonders: technical, economic, natural ...  etcetera.  Then via a non sequitar segway logic jump to the conclusion:

That God, [who by a circular definition is ] the creator of all, deserves some credit for all of that.

Conversely, to me it reminds me that those of us privileged to live in our First World societies can be thankful that the complex structure of our infrastructure provides a high standard and relatively comfortable life to even the most mediocre, dim, ungrateful and hateful members of our nation.  

A standard that usually exceeds that enjoyed by the elites in most developing and war torn countries.

Let us indeed be grateful.

The World's End DVD
The Undercover Economist