Friday, September 13, 2013

That Glorious Friday Feeling

Yes,  you know it is Friday the 13th, but overall although it has been a [very] difficult week we are trying to look on the positive side .....

Agata and Marcus completed a series of runs called

Tour du Pays de Vaud  here in Switzerland

Every Wednesday for the last 6 weeks there has been a modest run hosted in a town in the local area

How does it work?

  • For a modest price (about 30CHF/ 20 GBP) you can sign up for the run
  • They started at 19.00
  • You get to visit a nice quaint small Swiss town
  • The runs are less than 10Km
  • A trail run over concrete, grass, with some hills and often through forest areas
  • Usually about 1000 entrants per race
  • A chance to meet up with fellow running friends, and run as fast/ or slow as you want

Thanks in particular to Kathy, of course the founder of  for her continued encouragement and positivity.

We look forward to our next series of team events.

Time for a classic uplifting Friday tune