Saturday, September 07, 2013

Running Optimisation

Agata and Marcus have noticed that after most sporting events in which we participate; the post celebration wine celebration is almost guaranteed.

So we thought, maybe there is a way to optimise the two activities.

And so we participated in the Half Marathon at Arnex sur l'Orbe just north west of Lausanne.

It is a marathon with Wine :-)

The principle is simplicity itself, at refreshment stops you have the chance to have Water, Wine or a combination of both!  In fact the organisers also put on a good spread of food too.   How did we do?

Did I forget to mention Fancy Dress

 Degustation means wine tasting

 First Water stop.  Marcus could not find any wine

 Marcus the daredevil   (I mean, he's risking local Swiss white wine :-)

Competitors who did not stop for wine kept overtaking us.   Surely though, we'd catch them on the hills  [well, we always say that]

 More wine

 Kids are helping, but distribution water only

 More Wine

Always time to stop and admire a Classic Citrown

More Wine.

And then it was over oh so quickly ...

A good time was had by all.   Reasonable prices, Good Weather,  Exercise,  local wine tasting. Optimisation! It does not get much better than this.

Marcus and Agata run time 02:08

Semi Marathon Arnex de l'Orbe
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