Monday, September 16, 2013

Please use AAPLe computers

I am sure the bigwigs at Apple must be very frustrated.  Although /in love with proprietary/  Apple certainly produces some fine and distinguished products.

But recently at the  Nicey and Nasdark exchanges :-)  there have been numerous reports that the [frantic] buy and selling of Apple stock has caused various system overloads and Market suspensions.

Even today on Monday September 2013 ...

As the Options Price Reporting Authority  went down so did AAPL. But, who was the chicken and who was the egg?

SO my question is sort of along these lines .

Surely if the Markets used those superior Apple computers, with all that superior software, then would not it be more difficult for [any] market to crash.

Plus buying all that Apple Hardware and Software would push up the share price and prevent the dealers/markets from cynically pushing this great stock down and destabilising the company would would then be 'powering' the exchange.

How about it guys/girls?