Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Name that Conference

It is no secret and in fact quite logical for Marcus and Agata to think that we'll not always be living in Lausanne and working at our current jobs.

We have already made some future yearly plans.

One of them is to spend a year attending our favourite Technical conferences!

As nerds, we currently just don't have the time, but equally we do love planning.

On the Yearly Wall planner for June -  October.  Well of course it is NOT something trivial like


NOT Apple Buy another thing from us now event

YES we had in mind something more hardcore like  the Intel Developer Forum   (IDF) as it is known in the trade.

Equally YES to important and fun things like Eurobike

Perhaps before 2023?

IDF13 schedule
Thunderbolt2 at IDF
New Chromebooks at IDF
Eurobike 2013 Guide
Gigabyte Motherboards IDF
Intel Broadwell 14nm
Promise Thunderbold2 enclosure
Adaptec 12Gb/sec Raid adapters
Merrifield System on a Chip 22nm
Quark System on a Chip

Gigabyte BRIX Iris Haswell