Thursday, September 26, 2013

In Love with MicroPayments

In recent months we have made several purchases of batteries from eBay. 

In one example I bought 20  (yes twenty) button cells, posted from Hong Kong to Switzerland, for an all inclusive price of LESS than 2 GBP  (pounds).

But I am not remarking on the remarkable postal service or keen pricing in Hong Kong, though both are remarkable.

What makes all this possible is PayPal and micro payments.

In Switzerland Paypal is used infrequently.  Maybe people feel it is too cheap!  But here is the how and why every person should have a Paypal account ...

  • The most widely accepted payment method on eBay
  • As a buyer I pay no transaction cost
  • As a seller you might pay about 1.4%+0.2 GB Pounds . Now that is low!

  • My money is squirreled up in an account but how?
  • You sign up in your local county, example for the uk head over to
  • all communication uses secure https
  • You associate your paypal account with an email address (I use my gmail).
  • You also setup a link to a bank account and/or credit card
  • We typically send funds from the bank account to paypal.  We don't get paypal interest but then interest rates globally are practically zero everywhere, so who cares?
  • Otherwise you can automatically pull money from your credit card if your balance is to low for the item you need to pay for
And that is it!  How can you possibly survive without a paypal (and ebay ) accounts.  Get yours today.