Sunday, September 22, 2013

I thought the Z1 was just a car

As I cycle around Lausanne I have had occaision to bump into a dark blue coloured BMW Z1.

This 1990 roadster is of course famous for it's vertically descending doors


In fact I digress.   The Z1 moniker  has been taken by Sony

For their latest 2013 Smartphone.  It was announced in September 2013.

However already we see rumours circulating about the  Sony Z2 SmartPhone .  Those of you who don't understand Research and Development (R&D),  Testing and Manufacturing cycles might be put off therefore from even considering the Z1 [phone] which is by all first accounts a truly remarkable product.

I think it is really shame on the R&D developers who feel a leak to Esato or XDA Developers  will oh so briefly put them into the spotlight of fame.


Here is a case of technology being it's own worst enemy. Apple is probably the only technology company who has it right in this regard.   A predictable twice yearly phone upgrade and absolute silence in-between.   Stop with the rumours please folks, they just discourage consumers from making a rational choice in today's marketplace.