Thursday, September 05, 2013

I see no ships

Not everybody reading this will fully remember or appreciate how many people in the world /held their breath/ as the Cuban missile crisis developed in late 1962.

But focusing on the present day there are an unhealthy number of battleships now sailing up and around the West Coast of Syria.

Some ships, principally American are there to deploy a targeted, non boots on the ground strike against Syria's Assad regime,  allegedly to detour the regime from further use of Chemical weapons.

Meanwhile Russian, Chinese and British weaponry have also arrived.  Not so logical, for example, since Britain's Cameron has vowed not to involve the UK in military action.

All in all it's a truly dangerous situation made so much worse by all heads of state being together in St Petersburg for the G20 summit

All I can do is to try and inject humour into the situation.

I see no ships

(Actually a Nelson misquote, but for the purposes of today, let us run with it anyway)

The wreck of Edmund Fitzgerald - moving

Bob Sinclair - Rock the Boat - raunchy