Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Honey, I broke the phone

A moments carelessness and my perfect condition Nexus 4 mobile phone  sustained this damage:

To look on the bright side the fall from about 1.5 metres, whilst rapidly spinning onto rough concrete was broken just a little by the Zagg shield coating, and certainly the back Zagg coating is all that is now holding the shattered back of the phone glass together.

What did I learn?

  • The phone is about 9 months old and that is young for me
  • I had no intention of replacing the phone for years, but now I must have something ready to replace this unit

  • I know this should not work but I ordered a few cases from eBay.   The best one is now firmly attached.   It is a thin, flexible, soft blue plastic case.  It totally hides the shattered back and my brain is so gullible that after 1 week I was convinced that all is well
  • With the case on the front screen protector kept bubbling so that is now removed, but the case has ridges on the front which affords some protection
  • To find a similar case search eBay for   MERCURY GLITTER PEARL JELLY CASE ULTRA THIN
So I'm still very much in like with Mr Nexus 4,   but I have to start looking around for a replacement.  Sudden death could happen at any time.   It pays to be prepared.