Sunday, September 29, 2013

Goodbye to Debtember

Goodbye to Debt-ember, 
Welcome to Octo-pocalypse.

I do study multiple financial columns daily and the above graphic is pretty apocryphal.  Still others are pretty well reasoned:

In summary there are 2 pressing US financial issues about to kick off

a) US Government budget funding

From Zerohedge: "The White House to agree to keep funding the government after the current budget year ends Monday. Otherwise, some of the government would have to shut down. The House and Senate are considering bills to fund the government past the deadline. But House Republicans want to cut off funding for President Barack Obama's health care law as a condition of passing the spending measure. Senate Democrats and the White House have balked. Unless one side essentially blinks, a partial shutdown of the government will occur"

To learn more, this provides a good primer

b) US Debt ceiling