Friday, September 06, 2013

Funny but certainly Furious 6

Yes, if you have watched the Fast and Furious 6 trailer and are a car nut like Marcus, well, the next step was surely to watch 

Fast and Furious 6   the movie

But let me tell you after the first 1 minute and 38 seconds I was so annoyed about the initial car chase it has been a further 2 days until I could bear to watch the remaining 2 hours of the movie. For the record:

  • No amount of tuning a 2011 Dodge Charger is going to let it keep up with a Nissan GT-R
  • The Nissan has gear shift paddles on steering column.  Absolutely nobody would use the gear lever, are you frikkin insane?
Yes,  these details are important to car people.  I know in the rest of the movie people are seen jumping 30 metre plus distances without injury, but those are not car details.

Meanwhile in less than 2 minutes 
  • Brian becomes a dad and we the audience are supposed to go gaga
  • Vin wears a ridiculous large Christian Cross

So 2 days later ...

There is more:

  • -The Cinematic trailer does not make sense after you have watched the movie
  • -Vin Diesel has had voice lowering training.  He was absolutely inaudible
  • -We tried subtitles but the sync was erratic so that was aborted
  • -As native English speakers we were appalled we could not understand  the dialogue and hence fully the plot in this let's face not too mentally challenging a movie.
  • +Music was not bad
  • +Stunts well executed, but really **dont try them at home, children**
  • +We liked the old Vintage Cars
  • +Photography in England was well shot
  • --- The infinitely long runway, and plane chase sequence at the end, well it is nonsensical and just goes on and on
  • +We liked the surprise ending   

Overall,  it is the sort of film you want to watch with your best friends, the pause control on your DVD player, and a vocal stunt loop pronouncment  

/no, that is just totally impossible/

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