Thursday, September 19, 2013

Film Night

I've commented on what I regard as the unholy triumvirate of Stallone, Schwarzenegger and Willis before this year.

But as I pondered the truly awful Escape Plan trailer  at timecode 01:20  it got dramatically less plausible

Arnold popped up!

I could not quite believe it.  A terrible Stallone movie I can accept, but with Arnold too?

I'm so upset that we have cut our losses and dived into the DVD of a Good Day to Die Hard

Relatively speaking this must be better right?What did we think?

  • Well it is Agata's second viewing . She managed the first 50% of Good Day previously before switching it off.
  • Well, we found out John McLane has a kid
  • I still get a bit confused between John McLane and John Mcain
  • We learnt that the bad guys were really after money after all, how disappointing
  • I learnt that the entire McLane family are completely indestructible
  • I am pretty convinced this movie will trump any Escape Plan movie.

Out of 10 though, /good day/ is only about a 3.