Monday, September 16, 2013

Don't mention the War

One of the most wonderful features of the English language is its flexibility.

And right now John Kerry needs all of it.

Having passionately proclaimed the /let's go to war/ with Syria viewpoint we are now at the stage of

/wait, now let's not go to war/ with Syria.

BEFORE ... Let us bomb

DURING ... Now About turn

Tense US Russia Talks


NOW ... Let's make a deal
US and  Russia agree deal  (did they ask Syria?)

AFTER ... 
Clairvoyants, please contact us to fill in this section [but then you knew that already, right?]

Personally I believe if the US can find a justification NOT to goto War they will now take it, but I think in the long term  i.e. 1 month horizon, it still looks like inevitable military conflict to me.