Friday, September 13, 2013

Big Memories

Despite the proliferation of [relatively] lowly priced Solid State Disks [SSDs] one immediate and dramatic increase in speed will be to ensure your Computer

NEVER pages/ swaps memory to disk

Since the 1990's personal computers adopted mainframe technology where the size of active parts of running programs data (a working set) might exceed the size of your Physical Computer memory.

And so a Paging or Swap file is reserved to hold the difference.

Since a disk file is usually at least 100 times slower than RAM memory, well if you had sufficient memory, you would never Page/Swap.

Enter Crucial 64GB Load Reduced DIMM

The 64GB parts are not quite available yet so I thought I would checkout the current alternatives.  Ooops

Like so many things in life, many things are possible, but at a price... 900 USD per 32GB DIMM !

So I'm expecting a 64GB DIMM to come in at least 2000 USD each.  (31 USD per GB)

To rich for my blood.

Today 16GB DIMM are coming in at < 16USD per GB.  And 8GB DIMMs are at about 10USD/GB.

Of course the recent SK Hynix fire has the market running scared so if at all possible buy any memory you'll need within 6 months today, prices will surely rise [everywhere].

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