Sunday, September 08, 2013

Air Respectfully Yours

I am currently doing some research on special needs airline travel.    In the course of this I have come across the celebrated case of Kenlie Tiggeman.

Indeed I started reading her blog and I am interested in her continued perspectives on air travel.

As someone who is moderately overweight, but certainly not obese   what are my matching airline considerations, to those that she posted above, when about to take air travel?

  • How clean are the seats on the aeroplane
  • Will I have to sit through yet another long talk about how to put my seatbelt on
  • Did I make doubly sure that my carry on case is my only case and within weight limit for this airline
  • Will I be behind checkin passengers who will argue with ground staff that their economy travel 1 bag allowance actually means  a laptop bag, handbag, carry on bag, coat, and the duty free bag(s) they bought at the airport
  • Will I be seated next to passengers eating snacks during the whole flight causing munching noises and throwing food debris everywhere
  • Will the person next to me be rude, talkative or prevent me doing what I want to do which is principally rest and sleep?
  • Will I be in a long checkin Q full of people who did not take the time to checkin online, pack or label their hold baggage adequately and thus delay my bag drop off
  • Will I be sitting in front of a tall person who digs their knees into the back of my seat
  • Will I be sitting behind a person who tries to limbo dance horizontal their seat back into me
  • Will I be near to kids who enjoy shouting, screaming and crying during the whole flight, [yet are silent before and after]
  • Will I have to pay the same price for my ticket, as the largest, rudest, loudest least prepared, arrogant passenger who makes my air travel a relative misery?

So yes, I have a few considerations also, most of them caused my other people, who could, if they so choose, easily improve the quality of my flying experience.