Wednesday, August 28, 2013


This is not so much a comment about war, more about how Politicians and Government assume their citizens must be incredibly stupid.

Thanks to a broadly consistent Worldwide media we can assume

  • The Assad Syrian regime is viewed as more evil than the Syrian rebels
  • Various Governments have been just waiting for a justifyable way of making military strikes against Assad
  • The Chemical Weapons attacks potentially provide the justification.  However there are the rather major points that  a) we don't know for sure who initiated the chemical weapons, b) there is no approved UN security council resolution
So what is for certain?

  • Massive submarine and warship presence in the Mediterranean
  • Rather substantial military traffic from UK/France/America  already headed to Cyprus
  • Hysterically comical press reports that any potential conflict will last only 'hours'   (yes, but what happens afterwards, do we remember Afghanistan, Iraq?)

Let's face it we are going to WAR, WAr War
(not jaw jaw ) regardless despite all rhetoric about a reasoned debate.

It is 100% certain

In footballer speak it is about 200% likely

Economically the US really really cannot afford this

The downward effect on US and European Stock Markets will be profound.

Brent Crude and Gold Prices will rise dramatically

UK resolution to the UN security council