Monday, August 19, 2013

Trying not to be Cynical

I can just hardly believe that Marcus is falling for the same kind of drivel that I cautioned Agata against when she first lived in England with me.

Then, my EVO  (and other) magazines were full of scratch-cards, which when Agata scratched, would with surprising frequency reveal that she  had won an important prize.  Being new to the UK Agata naturally felt that the streets of England were in fact Paved with Gold

I had to enlighten her that it was most probably a telephone scam where one had to confrm the prize by telephone and the caller would be kept waiting on the high tariff number, before in fact finding they had not actually won.

And so back to the above.  We've been checking some old email accounts, first logon in about 6 years ... Apparently in May 2007 the National Lottery emailed us to say that we had won 2.5M GBP.  All we had to do was email / contact a claims manager.

Well I never, I was almost tempted to make that call!