Saturday, August 10, 2013

Sunday Sermon: An End to Ramendan

This is my second year of celebrating Ramendan, and I choose my words and spelling very carefully.

I have already explained Ramendan in some detail in July 2012, this year I would like to focus on my experiences in this calorie heavy month:

  • The extra Pasta intake has been quite onerous.   I have never eaten so much in a month.  I am bloated yet happy.
  • As in 2012 I see fit to combine extra Pasta with extra Wine, this is the spirit of choice here in Switzerland.
  • Several colleagues seem to confuse this genuine religious festival with something completely different.  I have no idea why

  • I am shocked that general ignorance of the most holy FSM also abounds.  I've been enlightening co-workers with proofs such as the above 20,000 year old cave painting above

Although this month has been one of excessive eating and contemplation I have a further request.

You owe it to yourself to nourish your mind too and so I would point you to this fine holy book