Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sports Injuries

Since our epic 160Km run in England 1 week ago there has been a small issue in the Marcus and Agata household.

Sports injury!

When daily exercise is part of your healthy regime/ lifestyle it's absence can be more than annoying.  In Marcus's case excruciatingly so:

  • After that long run, unusually Marcus did not have any muscle aches, so further running was easily possible
  • But on Monday, August 5th I decided to go for a swim in the lake

As I swam I felt a sharp sering pain in the toe.   I just kept swimming.  When I exited the water I found the skin broken.

This is the toe  which had only swollen during the run with skin intact, and then was only painful after 2 days of walking around during our holiday.   Yet, this innocent swim had severely broke open the skin.  I felt like an idiot!   This has meant that we missed 2 very nice mountain races this weekend, because, this is one of those cases where:

100% healing is necessary before further exercise.  You can't sensible run on an open wound

Window Shopping
Instead we consoled ourselves by looking at some new lightweight, forefoot running shoes. Lausanne is not the ideal venue, but we tried:

Adidas Boost

Now available in Switzerland at 199CHF or 25% cheaper in England [example Start Fitness]

The boost uses a special bouncy sole that looks like it is made from polystyrene.   The shoe weight is regular however.  For lighter you would go for AdiZero Feather

Salomon S-LAB Sense Ultra

 A very lightweight (220 grams) forefoot running trail shoe.

Its a very snug shoe making your feet look tiny!  But this [no doubt] helps on thinner twisty mountain courses as your feet don't catch so easy on restricted terrain.

Over 30% cheaper from Wiggle than in Swiss Athleticum

Agata tested:

Asics Excel 33
 Lightweight, fancy colour,  pretty comfortable.

Lightweight, comfortable uppers, but weird front foot tread makes for unbalanced running.

No purchases today, but soon perhaps.

And Finally

Mr Toe, is getting better fast.   Running is expected to commence in <7 days, assuming Marcus does not do anything stupid!