Friday, August 23, 2013

Saturday Sermon:Zoroastrianism

It is always good to know and learn about a new religion.

Most people are indoctrinated by their parents or community with a religion from birth.  It is usually something other than Zoroastrianism.  So this short video serves as a good introduction

Keeping Zoroastrianism alive after 3,000 years

Of course for Marcus Zoroastrianism has indeed brought the world a great man, some [other people] have called him Godlike.  I am of course referring to the singer Freddie Mercury :-)

Freddie was not known however as a practising Zoroastrian, although his parents certainly were.  This might summarise the position:

Freddie arranged his funeral before he died. He had a funeral conducted by Zoroastrian priests. I have never read or heard anything about Freddie ever becoming a Christian. He lived a hedonistic lifestyle full of sex, drugs and debauchery and did it well. He only stopped this lifestyle when he discovered he was ill. He lived with his partner, Jim Hutton, until the day he died and wore a gold band on his left hand ring finger that was given to him by Jim. "God" is a more generic term to him and was not necessarily used as a term associated with worship or faith.

Personally I would prefer to focus this forthcoming September 02, 2013, which is given to be Freddie Mercury day on the singer and not his parent's, well meaning though quirky religion