Tuesday, August 27, 2013

New Mail at Google

I never thought I would have anything good to say about the new Google Compose mail interface....

Google, finally dropped support for the older full screen interface, (the one that you could until recently revert back to. ) This is what I did about 6 months ago when the new Window within a window, compose interface came out.

But I've found you can make it occupy a separate non docked window

And whilst the position of the toolbar/ribbon to me is stupid, I suppose maybe it is just closer to the text you are typing for long emails (anybody other ideas why you would put it there?)

What I have grown to appreciate is the extended keyboard help that I can summon with the ? key

And the division of email into Primary, Social and Promotions Categories.    I can look thru the promotion headings and with a * a # delete them all

So overall, I  am not so miffed overall and will keep Gmail as my primary mail provider.  Let's hope they don't decide to drop Gmail for no apparent reason.  I would be rather upset.