Sunday, August 25, 2013

Lausanne Triathlon 2013

We are fresh back from the 2013 Lausanne Triathlon.Overall a very pleasant experience, read on..

Since the fun did not start till just after noon this Sunday we have not only a lazy rise from bed today but also a Saturday of only moderate exercise   (A gentle swim in the Lake).

Marcus Race Report
Swim: I kept it very easy.  Mostly because the water was extremely choppy. Last year  wetsuits were suddenly disallowed just before the start. This year, allowed.   Thank goodness.

Bike: 6 laps and a 7th lap up a hill to finish.  A tough and hilly course.  As usual nobody except the few [including me] followed the rules of overtake on the left and stick to the right if slow.   But still I had an excellent time, though riding the old Condor cycle,  I had to take it gently.  (But see later, something got broke anyway!)

Run: All went according to plan.  I had not pushed it overall so there was lots of energy to plod the 4x2.5km course, smiling, waving to Agata and enjoying the day.

Some Pictures

Random people running

Let's be honest.  The triathlon is a place to view many skimpily clad women and men!

Complimentary Massage service, but large queue

The Blue Carpet exit from the Bike transition

 Darling Agata  Lap 3 out of 4

Music was bearable

 Agata on Lap 4

 Agata crosses the finish line

Marcus and Agata in transition

Marcus 02:43,  Agata 03:06.  
We were very pleased considering the difficult conditions, and our [usual] lack of preparation.

I'm sorry to bring this up.  But this year of 2013 when we are cutting back we noticed the cost of this 335CHF (230GBP) day

200 CHF for Triathlon Registration for 2
60CHF for Day Triathlon licenses
50GBP (75CHF) for A new tyre and tube for Marcus

Bicycle Repair
Towards the end of the Triathlon Bike I noticed a definite cyclic bumping from the back wheel.  About 1 week ago there seemed to be a bulge in the tyre/tube.  By race end it was like a giant distortion.

Luckily the combination [even] survived the cycle home, so late tonight I was inspecting:

Tube is definitely defective, see the 3 defect bubbles.

Some considerable time later I've changed both Tyre and Tube  (lasted about 2000Km) for Continental Force 24mm rear and 50gram Continental Supersonic Inner tube

Marcus drank: 500ml freshly squeezed orange juice, 1 Nestle Powerbar and 2 SIS Gels

Thanks to Lausanne volunteers for their good natured support and in particular Medalit who special support is really appreciated!

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