Monday, August 12, 2013

I do like a Comedian

I was left practically speechless and in almost total shock when I read this article in Gizmodo

The gist of the article is that you can make replacements and upgrades to your Apple equipment.

Since I know the date is not April 1st I'd really caution readers away from this path.

For the non Engineering audience this is what you consciously or unconsciously bought into if you purchased Apple computer products.

  • Apple computer products, especially laptops, phones and tablets are Engineered to look great.  I mean a cut above other manufacture's products
  • But for those clean lines you pay a heavy price. User Serviceability and User upgradability!
  • More than other manufactures, bar none, Apple products will require special tools just to open up the case
  • There will be non Industry Standard Interfaces connecting componentry together.  This means it's between difficult and impossible to buy replacement parts,  maybe the sole source iFixit might carry something.
  • But sure as hell there will not be a great choice (if any) of replacement component supplier
  • Then you might find some components soldered or glued together.   RAM memory.  So you cannot expand the computer or change failed components with consumer tools in that case.
  • Next, you'll find components crammed packed together in an unrealistically close fashion, frustrating repair
  • Lastly there will be no official service manual published anywhere, so you rely on third party companies experience and web documentation
  • Of course all these actions will void your warranty should it still be in effect.

And if you bought your device on or after 2012 the above is especially true.

Going back to the plus side,  your device looks great, but if it breaks down either: take it to a recycling centre  (for disposal) or to an approved repair centre.