Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Good Service

Subtitle: Well Reasonable Service

Sometimes it is plausible to have some sympathy for retail motor dealers.   Over time, certainly in England,  increased competition has meant that New Car profit margins have been slipping.

Additionally,  another important revenue stream:  Car Servicing has been diminishing.

  • Modern cars are usually very reliable
  • Service intervals can commonly be once per year or even once per 18 months
  • The concept of the initial service, shortly after a new car sale is often gone. (Example for our Audi the dealer was not interested in a service after sale to change the oil.  They sort of refused me!)
  • Warranty durations have gone up.  5 years is not unheard of.
  • Servicing costs may be according to a fixed price scheme

And then we come to Switzerland.

Could it be the last bastion of the smug car dealer?

  1. Whilst the Swiss Franc has grown stronger by over 30% relative to UK and German currencies in the last few years, new car prices have stayed constant.
  2. Yes, it is totally un-frigging believable!
  3. As a sweetener some dealers introduced "free" peace of mind packages including free servicing for say 3 years.
  4. The government then introduced a punitive import duty on new, non dealer imported cars.  This killed overnight the growing importation marketplace where you could literally save 30% on the cost of your new example, German Car.
  5. As if by magic, Swiss car dealers who were beginning to think of offering moderate Car discounts, had a miraculous change of heart.
  6. Further, to counter the "free servicing" the cost of expendables like oil at garages miraculous inflated itself.  Here is my horror story from 2012

So you can call me downtrodden, or having low expectations BUT

I'd like to report a pleasurable Audi service from Audi Crissier Lausanne for our baby Audi TT.  2 year service/ 15K Km.

  • Audi Crissier gave me a quote for the service before hand
  • They did arrange and execute the change of our Front Brake Pads and disks under warranty to cure the squeaking
  • They performed the work according to time schedule promised
  • They cleaned the car
  • They stamped the service book
  • They spoke English to me
  • They cost was under 200 GBP, ( which by comparison is less than the cost of a weeks Food shopping)

Bravo Audi Crissier!