Sunday, August 18, 2013

Ah Oranges, where art thou

Marcus's move to a healthier and more natural juice lifestyle has hit a recent roadblock.   Availability!

I would have thought this was exactly the right time for /Peak Orange Availability/ but certainly not so recently in Switzerland

You may recall that since January   we don't buy any fruit juices but only drink Orange juice squeezed minutes  before we drink it.

In the last few weeks however:

Aldi Switzerland:  No oranges in their Supermarkets

Coop Switzerland: A small quantity of oranges seen  (and usually bought)

So I consulted the Sunkist chart and have an explanation.  Unlike Oranges that are drunk from the Carton, real Oranges are mostly January -> June,  and now we are in August.

This is a bit of a shocker and it seems that I need to wait until December until more varieties become available other than Valencia.

Unitl then I'll have it seems to pay quite a premium for Oranges.  Well fancy that.