Tuesday, August 20, 2013

90 minutes of Swiss Traffic

The Swiss Federal Statistics office has computed that the average Swiss spends an incredible 90 minutes in traffic daily!

You can read this (in English I am surprised to find)

Mobility and Transport 2013

This was reported in the online news site swissinfo.ch

I am simply staggered!

When Agata and Marcus first came to Switzerland one of the biggest selling points was that Agata's work place was about 10 minutes from work, and that none of her work colleagues travelled for more than 30 minutes to get to work.

This is still the case several years later.

And for Marcus, his  daily pottering time is 40 there and 55 minutes back, but that is on a bicycle!  By car it would be less than 20 minutes each way.

So all I can say is that people in Canton Vaud must have it very easy and if our journey times are less than 60 minutes, then some poor buggers must be up to nearly 2 hours daily, just to setup the average.

Canton Vaud is going up in my estimation daily, and of course the Jewel in the crown is of course Lausanne

And who said I am biased :-)