Tuesday, March 05, 2013

The Duracell Bunny

This is  small tribute and accolade to my sister Angela who has of coursed influenced me over this lifetime.

She perhaps did not know but about 20 years ago my close friends and I used to refer to her as the Duracell Bunny.

As the above video shows

The Duracell Bunny never stops

Eventually by sheer persistence the Duracell Bunny will win out.

And so today

  • When I am nearing the end of the almost nightly 400m hillclimb and need that extra push on my tired legs
  • Or,  finishing that Ultra Marathon and feeling a little faint
  • When I'm looking at how to reverse Engineer that unfriendly Corporate Workstation build

I think of Angela's determination, her focus,   her ability as the Duracell bunny to just keep going ON and ON and ON!

And I try to be, well, just half as determined as I remember her to be.