Thursday, March 07, 2013

Supporting Chomebook Pixel

As a Samsung Chromebook user of at least 4 months now I should be in a perfect position to legitimately access the merits of a Chromebook Pixel laptop purchase.

And that, to cut to the chase, is perhaps the problem.

Digitec is currently advertising a US Chromebook at 1600 CHF   (1700 USD).  How did it go when Marcus's  (gotta have one please with schoolboy smile) came up again Agatas  more rational and show me the business case scrutiny

  • Samsung Chromebook was about 300CHF but Chrombook Pixel is 1600CHF (Swiss prices :-(
  • Although Agata would like the touch screen she claims the iPad would still be her portable device of choice and she has a keyboard
  • Pixel has a great display, and it's a touchscreen
  • But otherwise specs are sort of ordinary
  • Running ChromeOS would still leave it as an incomplete travel device
  • - No ability to run torrents
  • - No ability to run iTunes and sync up an iPod
  • - Battery life worse than Samsung
  • - USB2 not USB3
  • +Keyboard is backlit
  • +Tremendous WOW factor (but we are not snobs)
  • +But at such a price you might be labelled a dick! / Google Fanboy
  • +1TB of Google storage free for 3 years (retails at 600USD yearly)
  • - 1TB of Google storage attractive, but there are issues with using above 30GB in my experience and I already have 200GB which is not fully utilised
  • ? Presumably powerful enough to play movies without a pause unlike Samsung
  • - Screen apart, Laptop specs not exactly overwhelming
  • - Even more expensive in Switzerland since the official Play store still sells no hardware
SO far then we are not convinced.