Sunday, March 03, 2013

Sunday Sermon:If I'm going, then you're going

Unfortunately there is no real world Asphyxia so it is not possible to determine the matters of fact as to who said what to whom about the Senior UK Catholic Cardinal Keith O'Brian

What we can say however according to the Guardian and several other sources is that Pope Benedict is responsible for persuading him to go.

If you had read my posting from february 12th you can imagine that my position is 4 resignations - well fine, quite a lot more to go.

Apparently KO is resigning because of imagined criticisms.   When he could instead be resigning because of a new found belief in imaginary friends.

Archbishop Patrick Kelly resigns
Bishop Gerard Clifford retires
Pope planning massive leaving do

I've been asked to include some counters for balance:

The Oxford Union debate about God contains some great speaches.   Look out for the Pro Christian brother of the now deceased Christopher Hitchens, namely Peter Hitchens.

See if you think like me that Dan Barker gives the best rendition.