Monday, March 04, 2013

Motor Show List

In the month of February I have been taking a more than usual interest in my motor/ automobile related RSS feeds.  I need a good shortlist of vehicles to see at the forthcoming

Since we already have a fairly new perfectly fantastic car  (our baby Audi TT), and since we only drive it when we cannot otherwise run or cycle  (which is thus rarely),  our visit is purely speculative.

Nonetheless here are some categories that I will be window shopping:

  • So inexpensive a car, we could buy it as a gift, for example should Mum urgently needs a new car and we feel generous
  • A car we would buy when our Euromillions comes thru   (soon right?)
  • The car we might buy if we left Switzerland and relocated to Canada / US
  • The Cars we nearly already bought   (e.g. Nissan GT-R)
  • The cars that are so expensive, we'd just like to look at them anyway
  • Badly Engineered or  crazily tuned cars full of bling that we can just laugh at.

We also have concessionary awards for
  • Most inaccessible stand: e.g. cars locked or behind levels of grovelling that we cannot abide
  • Bimbo stand: stand filled with people who absolutely know nothing about cars, but have attractive looks and smiles.

Some first pass thoughts:

It's like a mini that has been on a ugly fattening eating craze

Is this the longest ever Jaguar with the name SWB (Short Wheel Base!)

P1: Making the business case for 12C ownership

Tesla model S: driven all the way from New York :-)

Faster than the Audi TT but don't drive it in the snow/rain  or take it to IKEA

Infinity LE

Ferrari F12:  Sort of 4WD.  I wonder what Ferrari Lausanne charge for an oil change?

BMW i3

Audi R8: Affordable in all countries except price differentiated Switzerland!

Rear wheel steering in a Porsche (GT3)  Now this I have to see!

The car that got away