Saturday, March 16, 2013

A Readers Lament

On Thursday March 14th 2013 I and many hundreds of thousands of other users received the surprise message from Google that they would soon be terminating Google Reader.

It is no exaggeration to say that I rely utterly on Google Reader, which is a RSS reader that delivers to me the latest updates to all the Websites that I really care about.

My first reaction was anger, and my second reaction: anger!

I am extremely cross with Google and don't accept their excuse which is that  Oh, people can use Social Media to get this kind of content in the future.

Google does have Currents but it does not provide the breadth of an RSS reader, nor the brevity and information delivery.  Currents is mostly eye candy.

So then what does it mean to me?

  • Well I am still pretty much in shock
  • To me, Googles mindful phrase /Do no Evil/ is somewhat tarnished.
  • I am scouting around for Alternatives (see 8 link below)
  • Digg says they will build something.  Interesting
  • You know, I am so hacked off I might even buy a Macbook Pro Retina instead of a Chromebook Pixel.

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