Tuesday, February 26, 2013

My What Large Hands You Have

Yet again,  I seem not to be at the exciting Mobile World Congress (MWC).   In our fantasy lives the limousine would have whisked us to Geneva to that private jet and onto Barcelona.

Instead I merely spent an albeit very pleasant day by the airport today on other matters.

What is the news?

Well if you have quite large hands, mobile smartphone manufacturers should be calling you right away.  Your oversized paw will be perfect to normalise the ever expanding phone announcements of this week.

Before progressing I'd confirm that Apple was of course too snooty to attend and surprisingly Samsung have not announced at MWC. Their Galaxy IV is being announced separately on March 14

Meanwhile as the owner of a (PC) Dos Based Mitac 1600AA as shown above I can confirm that there is a finite size beyond which a palmtop or smartphone will not fit into your trouser pockets at all.

Are we there yet?

 4.7 inches

 5 inches

 5.5 inches

 5.5 inches

5.7 inches - ouch!