Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Like T3 but free

This is partly an advertising plug but also just a sanity check on Gadget magazines.

In the old days the magazine T3 was pretty much the sole printed source for new technology releases.   Whilst the copy  (content) was not exactly high brow, once you had past the distasteful cover page the insides were informative to anyone but a specialist in their reviewed area.

Later we have had Stuff Magazine which continues to produce similar content, and is now available in Apple online formats.

However in 2013 there is a newer, more frequent kid on the block and it is free!  It is Distro magazine from Engadget.

To conclude

  • If you are totally fed up with the sexist T3 front page
  • If you would rather have a paperless (environmentally friendly),   free technology magazine, published weekly
  • Then please select Distro

Issue 78 is here

Distro Magazine