Sunday, September 30, 2012

Trophee Cuisine

It is in fact that time again.  One of the two principal supermarkets in Switzerland  (yes there are only 2 chains Coop and Migros) have another legendary special offer.

I have already talked about the Coop Superpoints scheme

They have an additional regular scheme where you complete  cards with labels.  Once a card is full you can buy some goods at a special price.

 The current offer is pots and pans.   You get one stamp per 10 francs spend, so you see that you need to spend 300 CHF to complete a card.

There are a few disclaimers and conditions

Right now it is Fissler pots and pans.  Being a sceptic I checked.  Yes these goods are a fraction of the price that you can buy them in their native Germany or even England. Indeed a bargain.

So what is about to happen?

  • Coop will indeed lure many buyers into their supermarkets, buyers want those pots and pans at the super cheap prices
  • I predict they will make a lot of sales.  Fissler will be pretty happy
  • They did this about 2 years ago too.  What happened then?
  • Coop single handily decimated the new Pots and Pans market for about 6 months.  After their offer nobody needed any pots or pans for some time.

    I predict this will happen again, so condolences to other manufacturers.  You are basically screwed.

Fissler - Perfect every time
Fissler pots on Amazon