Saturday, September 29, 2012

Lutry Harvest Festival

Subtite:Fete des Vendanges

At the end of the Summer the small village towns to the east of Lausanne along the lake take pride in celebrating the harvest.

Well, the harvest might be kind of notional or perhaps to celebrate the wine grown in this area.    Vaud Wine, or Swiss wine is not greatly known outside of Switzerland, but I can assure you, it's the natural selection of restaurants in this area.

What happens at the festival?  Well it's (thankfully) not exactly Wicker Man

 A nice quiet Lutry street

 Wait just a minute, who are all those people?

 Switzerland, well including this region of Vaud produces a lot of win

 Patisserie Vincent

 We saw the music

 We found the cigarettes

 But they were very rude

 I've never seen so many people in Lutry

 Agata is in / with good spirits

 One Food Stall

 Another food stall.  There were many.

 Soap or Cheese, we are not sure.

 The Lake at Night

First casualty of the night

 Some girls need to take a rest

 They still have bumper cars?

 And Giant toy stalls?

And apparently  the Break Dance

I have never seen Lutry looking so racy,  but it was definitely fun.