Thursday, May 31, 2012

swim08: Friday Sunrise Swim

This is the blog entry for day 8 of our SwimTrek holiday on Friday May 25 2012 ...

The last short sunrise swim involves a 05.30 rise for a 06.10 start:

Agata has the video camera!

We are all very happy we made the effort

Fiona bravely swims under the arch


Apparently Phil can in fact swim!

The team leaves the water for one last time together

We need to change quickly, there is a ferry to catch

Time to Leave for Naxos

Waiting for the Ferry to Naxos

Goodbye Koufonissi

Wait, we recognise that sailboat

We see Aki for one last time.   He's been a very competent skipper for the week

Agata gets a fantastic present  (zoom into Carol's shoulder)

In Naxos we think we'll walk our rucksacks to the left luggage

Yes; one last, and rather large meal please

Emergency Apple recharging at Athens Airport after our flight from Naxos

Several hours later after: another flight, a train, a  metro, a bus and then a walk we arrive home just before midnight.

Just one more thing: we have a lot of photo editing and sorting to perform!

Picasa web album for today

swim07: Thursday Swimming Holiday

This blog entry relates the holiday events of Thursday May 24th 2012 of our Greek swimming holiday.

This is the last full day of our SwimTrek holiday, we are a little sad already.

 Where are we going today?

Agata braves the wind

Morning Swim - Keros

Swimming along the side of Keros was not mysterious to me  (sorry Phil!) but great great fun.   Also, some caves to explore.

Lunch on Board

Satisfied customers

Afternoon Swim

Although short in distance; for our last afternoon swim we were challenged with waves and finally rain

Evening Presentations

Marcus collects his T shirt video

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

swim06: Wednesday Pani Koufonissi

This is the blog entry for day 6, Wednesday May 23rd 2012 of our Swimtrek swimming holiday....

Greece's times is +3GMT whereas the summer timezone for Switzerland is +2GMT.  So this means it was relatively easy to get up at 07.00 and check the water conditions ..

Oh no choppy i.e. white crests on the waves

In such conditions our swim from the Koufonisi to Keros had to be cancelled.  :-(

Instead we made a mini crossing to the nearby Kato Koufonisi and then swam south west along the coastline

Marcus video Diary

As the top graphic shows this was just over 5Km.

As the swim progressed the waters got choppier but I was not concerned about that!

Marcus had to pee!  And so I had to make an emergency pitstop on board Aki's boat, then back into decidedly choppy waters to complete the 5Km swim

Finally we finished, all safe and sound

Late Lunch
 Phil checks him tummy

We all get a drinking

Running around Koufonisi
After a small nap Marcus and Agata decided to run around ... the island:

Google maps pointed out only a few roads on the island but hey we know about walking paths too.   Come out of the Paradise hotel we decided to go around the edge anti-clockwise.  Notes for potential runners

  • About 10Km and took us about 80 minutes
  • Follow the lake path
  • In the above diagram the bit that sticks out top right - you cannot easily runaround
  • Then we struggled to find a path and ended up running in fields and over walls.
  • Keep at it and you will eventually rejoin a road
  • This leads you to a path to the left of the rubbish tip which is very smelly and on fire when we passed
  • More climbing/jumping over Walls
  • Then meet another road on island edge
  • Goes down to port
  • Run past port and then back to hotel paradise resort

Dinner at Captain Nicolas

After a large lunch I promised myself a small or zero dinner, however I just could not resist it!

Time for a stroll around town

 We always like to check out the Churches

 Fiona showed off those shoes

 Phil was taking fancy pictures

Marcus checked out the religious merchandise

Another great day, what can I say!

Marcus Video diary for Wednesday Swim